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Time to get those neurons moving! The first person to e-mail me with correct answers wins First (and invaluable!) Prize: your choice of coffee in Eureka or Arcata with me or with Fifi (sorry, cleaning service not included).

Answers will be published in the North Coast Journal next week.

How many triangles are in this figure? (see first picture)

September is the ninth month-but sept- means seven. How come?

Speaking of which, how many months have 30 days in them?

What's the opposite of "not in"?

Two people have the same mother and father and were born on the same day, yet they're not twins. Explain.

What's the minimum number of glasses you need move to change the top arrangement (full-full-full-empty-empty-empty) to the bottom one (full-empty-full-empty-full-empty)? (see second picture)

What's the next letter: O T T F F S S ?

BSAINXLEATNTEARS: Remove six letters to get...what fruit?

How can you make four triangles with six matches without bending or breaking them?

Why is a manhole cover round?

What's the next symbol? (see third picture)

Fill in the five missing letters to get a well-used word: UND _ _ _ _ _ UND

What does this stand for? 8EEN 12 O

And this? 10DER ITN

You're given a three-inch wooden cube and a saw. The assignment is to cut the cube into 27 one-inch cubes. Obviously you can do it in six cuts, i.e. two cuts in each of three directions, but can you reduce the number of cuts by rearranging and stacking the pieces after each cut? (see fourth picture)

What is Life?

Barry Evans ([email protected]) wonders if there really is more to Life in Old Town Eureka, where he lives.

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