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Running for Haters


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1. Vary your workouts. Alternate short and fast with long and slow.

2. Be a running tourist. Explore the Community Forest, Ma-le'l Dunes, and from Old Town to Henderson Center.  

3. The more water-logged your sneakers, the heavier they are. Dry those suckers out.

4. Run alone.

5. Run with other people sometimes. Base your pace on the slower person.

6. Ditch your Garmin/Iphone/Android sometimes. Run au natural.

7. Walk when you feel like it.

8. Drink water and eat lean protein before and after runs.

9. Skip your run sometimes and do a little yoga instead. Or stay in your pajamas and watch Ferris Buelller's Day Off. Again.

10. Sign-up for a Six River Running Club Race. Remind yourself that runners come in a variety of ages, shapes, and speeds. It's OK if you get smoked by a 9 year old. Those suckers are fast.

11. Make nostalgic music mixes for yourself. Conjure up happy memories while you run.

12. Once you get to the top of hill, appreciate the view from the top for a second. Then run down the hill with your arms flapping and flailing in the air like a crazy person.



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