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101 Milestones

By Bill Morrill.



It doesn't get any more Humboldt than Bill Morrill, creator of 101 Milestones. Morrill wasn't exactly born here in Humboldt County, but he moved here in ’72 so forget about it. He's been here for days. Some time ago, back in 2004, Morrill came up with the 101 Milestones concept. Morrill recognized how rich the North Coast's history is, and he decided to design short film bits about some our most awesome historical gems. In July of 2006, Fox 29 picked up Morrill's proposal and has aired more than 50 episodes since.

Exactly 50 of those episodes have been compiled onto one DVD for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you set aside a chunk of time if you want to watch all of them at once ... It's an undertaking. Otherwise, a couple of viewings will get you though the compilation. The DVD is nice because it opens with Morrill giving a bit of background on his inspiration for the project and how project development took place. And then you're off, exploring the North Coast from Mendo to Del Norte Counties and even some places inland.

Morrill cruises around in his souped-up ’54 Buick convertible with his dog named Pistol. He's got the good ol' boy vibe going on, but the incredibly interesting historical facts and images allow you to get right past it, even if you're sensitive to good-ol'-boyish natures. Morrill visits a variety of favorite landmarks including Confusion Hill, the Arcata Plaza and the dolos out on the Humboldt Bay South Spit. His segments take you through historical profiles of important figures in Humboldt development, plus you get to learn about the various industries that have kept our economy chugging along over the last 150 years or so.

The viewer is easily able to understand Morrill's obvious pride in the developers and in the natural beauty of our majestic North Coast when he elaborates on his connections to the pioneers of the area. He even takes some time to share his pride in our living developers and philanthropists. (Look for a shout-out to Rob Arkley for helping restore some of the area's classic architectural masterpieces and for a sentimental longing for the rail lines to be restored.)

If you're interested in learning more about how our home came to be the way it is today, then check out 101 Milestones. The segments are very informative and it's fun to learn about the history of the places you've spent time up and down our North Coast. You can pick up your own copy of 101 Milestones at any number of local book stores and music shops including The Works, Borders, Bucksport and Northtown Books.

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