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To days gone by and nights to come



Well, Humboldt, here we are. Time to unwrap the gifts and wrap up the year. If Christmas is your thing, I hope it was a merry one. If it's not, congrats on surviving/avoiding the mayhem. In either case, you've no reason to stay home when the live music opportunities continue to roll onto the calendar like lucky dice at a dream casino. Let's forge ahead with your plans for the week. (Note: all shows are 21-and-over unless indicated otherwise.)

You made it! Thursday

Unless you're one of those insane shopping types, you might think the day after Christmas calls for rest and recovery. You would be wrong. Here are three choices to encourage you to get yourself out of the house —­ you deserve a break by this point, right? If reggae is your beat, Selectas T Aura, Nobel Tobal and Pozitive Idiaz invite you to join them for Roots and Culture Reggae Night at the Robert Goodman Winery Tasting Room. If jazz is your swing, pop into the Palm Lounge for some sweet tunes from the Shugafoot ensemble. If karaoke's your groove, get your Van Morrison on at Central Station with DJ Marv. He has a massive selection of songs. All the above options are free and begin at 9 p.m.

Friday's tart sweet

Keeping up with Chris Parreira's various projects is no easy task. What is simple fact, however, is this: They're all good. Whether getting raucous with The Trouble or lovely with The Lonesome Roses or bringing other artists to town, Parreira is a sure bet. Start your night early — 6 p.m. — and catch him as one half of the divine Lemon Lemon Cherry out at Mad River Brewing Company. Expect original folk tunes and old traditional songs — hopefully they'll grace the crowd with their version of "St. James Infirmary Blues." Free.

Saturday, what a day

As long as we're on the topic of Blue Lake, here's a fun show: Lizzy and the Moonbeams bring their version of speakeasy blues — with a touch of swing — into the Logger Bar. How perfect does that sound? Exactly. Music starts 9 p.m., show is free.

Maybe you need something that starts a little earlier? A gig you can take the children to? (Is school ever going to be back in session?) Try Bradley Dean at Mosgo's. He's playing old rock and country at Mosgo's starting at 4 p.m. It's free.

On the flipside, you might be looking for a Saturday night that starts late and goes till the wee hours. Squeeze into the SpeakEasy for a dose of "sticky, muddy, sexy, smelly, booty-shakin' blues" courtesy of Buddy Reed & the Rip It Ups. This gig starts at 10 p.m.

Monday funk and jazz

Why not dance your pants off on a Monday night? As per usual, The Getdown, hosted by DJ Rickshaw, Brian Swizlo and Pete Ciotti delivers an all-star lineup of HumCo funk for your body-moving pleasure. The magic begins at 7 p.m.

For something a little more chill, drop into the Ultra Secret Good Guys Organization at the Palm Lounge. The acoustic jazz improv trio features percussionist Tamaras Abrams, bassist Danny Gaon and pianist Justin Ross. Another free show! This one starts around 8:30 p.m.

Oh, right — Tuesday's kind of a big deal

Whether you loved it or hated it, see 2013 out in style. Choices are plentiful. Here are three highlights to help you plan your good time.

NYE option #1: Male models promise 'massive ball drop'

Forgive me the digression, dear readers, but I must confess to you a problem: I have a longstanding crush on The Absynth Quintet. I can't help it. From my initial baptism into the band's fire-breathing-traveling-gypsy-circus-indie-grass through their modeling debut as Mr. Kitchenaids into their annual NYE gigs at the Arcata Theatre Lounge, I remain starstruck as ever. You've got the mad skillz happy joy of Tofu Schwartz on drums. You've got the disarmingly laconic string master Ian Davidson on banjo. You've got the delightfully unpredictable genius of John Ludington on bass. You've got the stunning virtuosic sweetness of Bird Jowaisas on mandolin. You've got the almost-annoyingly gifted, slightly twisted Ryan Roberts on guitar. Add them up and as good as each part is, the sum still manages to elevate the band's sound to another plane. There is nothing not excellent about The Absynth Quintet. You will dance. You will laugh. You will sing along to "Reverend Sam" and rejoice in life. There's also Liquid Kactus and a free midnight champagne toast and a ball drop and flying sharks. Ring it in for $12 advance (highly recommended and available at the ATL box office and website, and at Wildberries). Doors at 9 p.m.

NYE option #2: Spiked punch at the Jam

The Jambalaya's enhancing the live music portion of the night — funk rockers Free Rain and Afrobeat enthusiasts Motherlode — with "The Comedy Cocktail," which is two parts local comics — Joe Deschaine and John McClurg — one part SF comic — Josh Argyle — and one part some other people who will, at least theoretically, also be funny. Ten bucks'll get you in.

NYE option #3: A sparkling DJtacular

Humboldt Brews hosts the ever-popular Matt'n'Adam, Jaymorg and King Maxwell turntable experience. The evening is billed as a "champagne celebration," but the tunes will intoxicate on their own. Also, you will sweat very much. Do it for $10. Doors at 9 p.m.

NYE option #4: Ever-lovin' honkytonk

Logger Bar. Rooster McClintock. Free. Champagne. 8 p.m. There ya go. Happy New Year, kids.


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