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Ginger Bros Times Two



This week, the Sequoia Park Zoo will finally detonate a massive fuzzy, red, cute bomb on the citizens of Humboldt County. After over a year of jumping through accreditation hoops, fundraising and habitat construction, red panda brothers Shifu and Sumo will make their North Coast debut on Friday. Let me kill the suspense for you parents out there: You WILL be taking your kids to the zoo in the near future. For your sanity, the sooner the better.

But Shifu and Sumo are not the only red-headed brothers trying to bring a smile to Humboldt-y faces this week. Oh no. 20-year-old, identical "ginger" twin brothers Kevin and Patrick Hawkins from Eureka also have your joy on their minds. But while Shifu and Sumo will warm your heart, Kevin and Patrick will make you sweat!

On Friday, July 9 at 9 p.m., after the pandas are all tuckered out from their first day of stardom, the Hawkins twins are taking over HumBrews in Arcata to stage an epic boogie fest they're calling the Haiti Hawkins Dance Party. What's with the name? Let us explain.

In September, the Hawkins boys will travel to Haiti to assist in relief efforts stemming from the 7.0 earthquake sustained on January 12 that all but leveled that nation's capital and surrounding settlements. According to the Haitian government, an estimated 230,000 people died in the quake while also leaving over 1,000,000 Haitians homeless. For four months, Patrick and Kevin will be helping with urban clean-up, community support, and other projects as needed. Haiti relief trip + Hawkins brothers + getting down = Haiti Hawkins Dance.

But these red-headed do-gooders aren't getting a free ride. "The Four Square Church is partially sponsoring our trip by providing food and housing, and we'll be there from September to mid-December," said Kevin "but airfare to Haiti is about $1500 for each of us, so our goal for the Haiti Hawkins Dance Party is to raise funds to help cover some of that cost."

In addition to the $8 to get you in the door, the boys will also be raffling off several items, including a Firewire surfboard. Hey Cougars, listen up! Don't tell me you've never dreamed of a night with two young, ruggedly handsome, fire-haired Adonises. Because the boys will also be auctioning off a night in red-head heaven (uh, dinner). The big question this Friday, which set of local fuzzy red brothers will prove to be the most adorable. You be the judge.

For more info on the Haiti Hawkins Dance Party, or to make a donation, contact Patrick Hawkins at 951-1849 or [email protected].

For more info on Shifu and Sumo call 441-4263 or go to

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