A Little Advice



If you want to keep your illegal arsenal of guns, don’t brandish them at your neighbors.

WHY? That’s why police were called to a house in Hoopa.


If you steal a refrigerator don’t leave a receipt with your name on it behind.

WHY? That’s what police found after someone burglarized a community center in Hoopa.


If you grow marijuana don’t leave bear and deer skins in a trash heap with a shoebox full of shake and your pay stubs.

WHY? That’s what police found in McKinleyville when someone called about the animal hides.


Don’t talk on the cell phone while driving if you have methamphetamine in your car.

WHY? That’s why police stopped one Eureka woman. She also had no license.


Don’t smoke a blunt while driving with an obstructed dashboard.

WHY? Police stopped a gold Cadillac in Eureka that had a red flag on the dashboard that obstructed the driver’s view. He had no driver’s license, but besides the blunt, he had a quarter ounce of marijuana,  more than a gram of meth, a scale, and a loaded .40 caliber Glock pistol.


Don’t play loud music when you have cranky neighbors and a smelly grow in your garage.

WHY? Neighbors called police because of the loud music. Police smelled pot coming from the garage and found grow equipment.


Don’t make prank calls to 911 on your cell phone.

WHY? Police pulled one search warrant after a woman made 58 prank calls from pay phones and her cell phone.


Don’t leave an unlocked U-Haul in front of your property with 10 plants inside when you have nosey neighbors.

WHY? A McKinleyville resident reported a U-Haul left parked on the street. Police found the back of the van unlocked and 10 plants in bins inside.


Do put a license plate on the trailer you use to transport marijuana.

WHY? Police pulled over a Bayside couple because the trailer they towed had no license plate. The officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana from the cab of the truck.


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