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This is a bittersweet honor to bestow.

 Only six months after launching, the Lost Coast Outpost -- the online news octopus of Ferndale’s Lost Coast Communications -- has already won enough converts to obliterate all comers in our Best Blog category.

 The man behind the curtain? Former Journal editor -- sigh, we miss the dude -- Hank Sims. Alone, the Hankster’s finely attuned BS detector would be a force not to be effed with. But add to it the DJ eyes, ears and mouths of LCC’s stable of radio stations -- and their listeners -- and you have a unique formula for local information gathering and disseminating.

 The effectiveness of the blog/radio marriage may have been best displayed right after LoCO’s launch when the mudslide that ate Highway 101 prompted listeners to call in reports of the damage and suggest alternate routes for travelers to LCC stations. The resulting info -- interview audio clips, maps, photos, etc. -- was then funneled blogwards to grateful SoHummers and those attempting to pass through.

 Despite Rob Arkley’s claims to the contrary, Hank is a journalist. Cutting edge, even.

 Wish we still wore the same jersey.

 -- Andrew Goff

The Breakdown: Lost Coast Outpost 28.3%, Humboldt Herald 13.6%, Redheaded Blackbelt 10.9%, NCJ Blogthing 5.8%, Chocolate Covered Xanax 2.7%, Like You’ve Got Something Better to Do 2.7%, Humboldt Mirror 1.2%, Voter Turnout: 35th.

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