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  • photo courtesy of Mike Dronkers

 We caught up with Best Radio Station winner KHUM’s Best Radio DJ winner Mike Dronkers via text message mid-voyage to Alaska, where he was scheduled to run a marathon:

 AG: Dude, I just found out you’re in Alaska. You won best DJ in the Best Of poll. I was hoping for a reaction. But if a moose ate your phone I get it.

 MD: I won something? Recount.

 (Next text.)

 MD: Was that a reaction? Technically yes. But if you need more, I am your slave.

 AG: TEXT INTERVIEW! Also, KHUM won best radio station. What makes good radio, Michael?

 MD: It’s going to be difficult to convey my trademark awkwardness through text messages. I’m on an Alaskan tarmac. [I’ll] try my darndest to satisfy. Expect random thoughts at inopportune times as I get my baggage and dodge bears.

 AG: Dude, you’re Humboldt’s best DJ. What’s the formula?

 MD: Let me ask Larry.

 AG: No, no, no. Larry got second. Don’t be coy. Drop that wisdom.

 MD: It’s like this: I think the more fun a host is having the better the show.

 AG: Tell me more!

 MD: In mixed drink form: 1 part discipline, 1 part observation, 3 parts second guessing to the point of nausea, 2 parts (bag’s here)

 AG: Get that bag!

 MD: 2 part’s this. (He texts me a picture of a taxidermied bear that guards the baggage claim area, above.)

 AG: I’ll try to print that. What advice would you give to Larry Trask so that he can destroy you next year.

 MD: Always fail triumphantly.

 AG: I think that’ll do broski. Unless there is something else you think needs to be in ink.

 MD: I really wish I had a good answer to that “good radio” question.

 AG: Me too! For you.

 MD: But if the listeners can tell that the host is right there with them, whatever that might entail, that matters.

 AG: Kill that marathon.

 MD: I’m gonna. It deserves to die.

 -- Andrew Goff

The Breakdown, Radio Station: KHUM 27.9%, KHSU 19.2%, KSLG 13.9%, KMUD 6.7%, KWPT 6.5%, Voter Turnout: Ninth.

Radio DJ: Mike Dronkers 17.1%, Larry Trask 8.3%, Dr. Syd 4.8%, John Matthews 4.3%, DJ Dub Cowboy 3.7%, Monica Topping 3.7%, Voter Turnout: 25th.

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