The Journal's annual photo contest


Stunning sunsets. Lupine fields. Towering redwoods. Races. Parades. Smiles. Protests. Stolen moments (we see you, couple kissing in the hollowed out stump!). We asked you to think about the word "community" and then snap a photo capturing it. In return, we received more than 160 images. They are alternately funny, beautiful, endearing, heartwarming and challenging. From these, the Journal editorial staff chose a single winner. It was no easy task, evidenced by the fact that 45 different images wound up in our judges' top-20 rankings, meaning there was little consensus. There was, however, a clear-cut winner. Briar Parkinson's black and white of two boys sharing a laugh in their baseball uniforms got top honors from two judges and a second-place nod from the third. Out of 60 possible points, it earned 59. The runner up — a darling picture of a little girl and a river otter sharing a moment — finished with 41 points. Visit to see the whole collection and take a moment to appreciate our community. And if you feel our judges missed the boat, please weigh in.

Thadeus Greenson

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