SCRAP vs. Weed Waste



With legalized cannabis comes a bumper crop of plastic packaging, cutting sharply into how green your weed is. The creative reuse mavens at SCRAP Humboldt took up the challenge and whipped up five simple projects for reusing the tubes and baggies before the landfill blows your high. Get more crafty ideas down at the 101 H St., Arcata warehouse and at

Flip-top cannisters make great carry cases for stay-dry items like matches and cotton swabs.

Three holes punched into a plastic bag make a supply case for your binder. 

Glue a magnet to a bud tube to make a floral bud vase for your fridge.

Cut a handful of tubes at varying length and bind them with craft tape for a pan flute.

Fill clear tubes with fun colors — recycled gift wrap, yarn, old mylar balloons — hot glue them into starbursts and string them up as reusable party decorations.

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