2023 Pet Photo Contest Winners



When it comes time to free up space on your phone, you've got hard choices to make. Swiping through dozens of photos of your dog giving you the Saturday side-eye or your kitty swatting at a low hanging ornament like a punching bag ... You've got insane love for your pet and those treasured shots of your floofer snoodle aren't seeing the trashcan any time soon. So we asked you to send us some of your favorites for our annual Pet Photo Contest. And good boy howdy, you did.

This year we opened up the contest to include 15 categories — knowing that pet lovers in Humboldt County would come through with some dynamite photos. With prizes for categories like Most Humboldt Spirit, Pets with Jobs and The Face Only a Mother Could Love, among others, the entries are pure gold.

We've got a senior dauchshund who's a little long in the tongue, we've got a cat poised in front of an unsuspecting Christmas tree ready to take it down, we've got a dog canoeing out on the water, a cat with Puss in Boots eyes, a winking Husky, a Frenchie with its buns in the air (like it just don't care), ebony and ivory dogs living together in perfect harmony, dogs driving trucks and out on the lumber yard. That's right. Photo GOLD. And all for an excellent cause, as this year's proceeds benefit Miranda's Rescue.

Who's the diva of the household? Who's an essential worker out there getting the job done? And what about that face only a mother could love? We got 'em! Hop, trot, slither, flap or zoomie on over to our website to see the winners and browse all the good bois and girls in our gallery of gorgeousness.

You can see photos of all the precious pets at And many thanks to our sponsors, Fin-n-Feather Pet Shop, McCrea Nissan, and The Heights Casino.

— Kali Cozyris

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