Winter Photo Contest


We Humboldtians are a hardy lot. When the weather turns inclement, sure, we spend plenty of time with our be-socked feet propped up in front of the fireplace, but we also recognize that life can't stop because of a little liquid sunshine. In fact, many of us revel in getting outside and letting the elements whip across our skin. This winter, the rain and snow returned. And you took full advantage: You splashed, surfed, slid, skied, romped, ran and took long, contemplative hikes through the woods and along the seashore, breathing in the scent of wet soil and admiring our newly be-greened hills. And, lucky for us, you photographed it all. When the Journal put out the call for our winter photo contest, there was no way we could have anticipated the deluge of entries. From snowball fights and waterfalls, to cats, kids and dogs enjoying some fresh powder, it looks like everyone got out and embraced a real Humboldt winter.

And a very special congratulations to Sean Jansen, whose quintessentially Humboldt picture of someone on the beach eyeing a dark, ominous sky with surfboard and fishing pole in hand was voted our staff favorite. Enjoy your chocolate and wine filled night in Benbow, Sean.

— Linda Stansberry

Photo Contest by the Numbers

We received 151 submissions from 52 people. Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular subjects: ocean, 28; snow, 25; sunset, 17; rain, 16; kids, 11; birds, 6; dogs, 6; rainbows, 6; flooding, 7; cats, 3.

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