Summerfest Yard Sale



When Summerfest fizzled at the last minute on Aug. 16, organizers vowed to refund vendors and pay back disappointed music fans with a free show. On Monday from 12-8 p.m., the Summerfest folks make good on the free music at Humboldt Brews featuring the Rezonators and the Fickle Hillbillies. They'll also be selling the concert shirts off their backs with an everything-must-go fundraiser swag sale.

"We're out a lot of money and we're not sure how it's going to go," says organizer Bernie Singer, who was running sound checks when word came that the team had no insurance for the festival. He says that checks from vendors hadn't yet been cashed, but that the cost of beer trucks, porta potties and sound and light systems has left the group somewhere around $20,000 in the hole. That rough figure doesn't include paying the owner of Christie Ranch.

How are they going to pay it all back? Well, if you come to the do-over at Humboldt Brews, shirts and glasses from past events, as well as the ill-fated August festival, will all be for sale. Singer admits it's a small start, saying, "We don't have that many shirts and glasses, but we're trying to make what we can."


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