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If you see her, she will look exactly like this. - TWITTER
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  • If you see her, she will look exactly like this.
If you think you saw a Hollywood actress around town, you probably did. Rowdy Kelly, who is scouting locations for the production company Woodshock LLC, won't confirm or deny whether Kirsten Dunst is in Humboldt for pre-production visit (and neither will Cassandra Hesseltine of the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission), but the film's IMDB page lists her as cast in the film Woodshock from Coda Films. (We had to check — remember that Jennifer Lawrence/Sean Penn hoax at the Peg House?) Kelly was able to tell the Journal that the film is a psychological drama to be filmed largely in Eureka and around Humboldt with a few scenes in Del Norte. Kelly has worked as a location scout on The Majestic, After Earth (go easy, he was a scout, not a writer) and several car commercials.

If you see Dunst around town, be cool, Humboldt. (She's had it rough, what with being stuck as a child vampire with blonde Tom Cruise and having Gwen Stacy steal Spiderman.) Kelly says selfies with the star are probably fine, "as long as you have her permission — or his." Very smooth. Send a snapshot our way if you get one — we want to Photoshop ourselves in there.

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