Woman Sues County For Lost Fingers


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In a complaint filed in November in Humboldt County Superior Court, Nancy Nunez accuses Redwood Memorial Hospital for improperly treating her after she was in a motorcycle accident, resulting in the loss of parts of her fingers that had been cut off in the accident. Nunez's complaint alleges that she was not transfered quickly enough to another medical facility, and that the hospital didn't preserve her severed fingers properly.

Nunez also accuses Humboldt County of not preparing the hospital to deal professionally with such cases.

The Courthouse News Service, in a brief report on the complaint, summed up the charges thusly:

"She seeks damages for medical malpractice, negligence, medical expenses, loss of earnings and earning capacity, housekeeping services, loss of enjoyment, costs and interest."

And here's the complaint (thanks, CNS).


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