Humboldt County: Beer Champion




Today's New York Times features a lip-smacking review of American porters -- those deliciously dark, British-style ales -- and get this: The expert panel's top 10 list includes not one but two porters brewed right here in Humboldt County: Mad River Brewing Co.'s Steelhead Scotch Porter ("earthy, grainy flavors with a mild hint of chocolate") and Eel River Brewering Co.'s Certified Organic Porter ("balanced, with strong chocolate flavor and a touch of sweetness"). Cheers to that!

Sure, San Francisco's Speakeasy Payback Porter nabbed the top spot. (With Sierra Nevada's entry coming in fourth, that's four of the top 10 from NorCal.) But no other county had two winners. And two is more than one, so we win. Right? I'll drink to that.

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