Pier Among Peers




The Los Angeles Times has decreed something up here in the far-north lonesome of California -- den of countryfolk and rabid foxes -- worthy of mention that has nothing whatsoever to do with quaintness, tall trees or medicinal wonders. No, it's not our covered bridges (though we have some). No, not Bigfoot -- such an old yarn. Here, LAT travel writer Christopher Smith will tell us:

"Let's call these MVPs—Must Visit Piers."

Smith lists the best piers in the state, from north to south, and they include such vision-launchers as the Coronado Ferry Landing in San Diego, Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, San Simeon Pier in San Luis Obispo County (hark the Hearst Castle, shimmering on land) and of course Pier 41 in San Francisco. And, and:

"Trinidad Pier, Humboldt County: Come September, this will be the newest pier in the state. Engineers estimate that this $8.3-million rebuild should last for at least the next half century."

But there's yet one more north of us:

"B Street Pier, Crescent City: Standing on this isolated pier feels as though you've been transported to somewhere on the Maine coast."

Yeah, OK, whatever.


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