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Once again McKinley's statue on the Arcata Plaza is being attacked for being politically incorrect.

Before he was assassinated, Hawaii was invaded and we had the Spanish-American War, which was how we ended up owning Puerto Rico and various other island chains around the world. The natives on some of those islands revolted and, when they did, violence was met with violence.

It could have been handled better.

Unfortunately, this was an era where there were no cell phones and so decisions were made on the spot by military men rather than by diplomats, who were weeks out of contact. Military men, sorry to say, do not hold cannibals and headhunters in such high regard. Our military responded vigorously to those attacks.

It is always unwise to second-guess military decisions made in the field. Things being what they were back then, those chains of islands would have eventually fallen to the Japanese, who would have later used them to invade here.

I think the McKinley statue, one of only four in the U.S., should be moved to McKinleyville, where the man is still honored and where, thank God, we do not expect men to be perfect as the centuries roll by.

Patrick Quinlivin, Trinidad


Down with McKinley, or so they say. Middle class moralism again is in play. Appoint Inspectors of Rectums, anoint Arcata to get them. But folks anti-McK will be seen every day, and if dirt is uncovered, they'll prison discover, and pay for their grime far away.

For those who are unable to understand sarcasm, I'm telling you every human has social dirt hidden. Even you, PC Bubba. Let's peek: Military shooting children? Just what do you suppose Hero Barack said to Israel about the shooting of Palestinian children? Israel is by far the biggest recipient of U.S. foreign aid, Bubba. Israel loves us, this we know, 'cause dead children tell us so.

Our Governor Glorious and prisoner rights? There's not a solitary person who will agree with you, Bubba. Brown's long-running environmental lies? He is the one who pushed enormous 4-acre indoor lit-up grows while parading as Global Warming Champ. Pick your demagogue, they're all pretty righteous. Why pick on the dead bronze guy? Can you only deal in symbols? Very middle class, Bubba. Television does that. And devices.

The NCJ has such a long litany of McK complaints. I suggest the City Council find a whole week to declare as "PC Fad Week," so that the homeless may hear all the astute analyses. I'll pledge three jugs of wine. And shouldn't we bulldoze McKinleyville too? Four jugs!

Does Arcata have landmarks? Not Hurwitzized University that blocks public use of its library with a parking policy. It's land marked NO, so a landmark, no.

Arcata has just two genuine landmarks: the McKinley statue and Hauser Marsh. Despite what those have in common, they're lovable all the same.

Robert Sutherland, Ettersburg


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