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Hey, girl. What's your name? - SEQUOIA PARK ZOO
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  • Hey, girl. What's your name?
UPDATE: With 202 of 645 votes, Cini and Masala (Nepalese for sugar and spice) edged out 10 other possible names for the red panda twins at the Sequoia Park Zoo. Now we just have to figure out which one is which. 

PREVIOUSLY: In July, our red panda family expanded again with a pair of twin girls born to Stella Luna and Sumo. That's a total of three cubs for our happy couple (Móhú moved out last year to seek her fortunes at a zoo in Des Moines, Iowa), who frankly could teach the giant pandas a little something about romance. 

Now that the young ladies are out in society, the zoo is asking for the public's help naming them. Before you start brainstorming, the zoo has set up a list of options (many inspired by the regions where red pandas dwell, so it's not like "Chai" would be a hipster/poseur thing) on its Facebook page. Panda fans and Red Panda Rangers (we see you) can cast their votes until Jan. 23 at 5 p.m. Choose carefully — you don't want people rolling their eyes when these girls introduce themselves at college years from now.

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