No Silver Lining


Yeah, they're not open. - GRANT SCOTT-GOFORTH
  • Grant Scott-Goforth
  • Yeah, they're not open.
Bad news for Humboldt’s hungry jet set: Silver Lining, the restaurant located upstairs in the Eureka-Arcata airport, has closed.

Aviation Division Program Manager Emily Jacobs said when she arrived at work yesterday morning, the restaurant hadn’t opened its doors. The owners told Jacobs they simply couldn’t make it work anymore.

It’s another ding for the Aviation Division, which is in financial trouble and is seeking additional airlines, as the Journal reported in this week’s cover story. The Silver Lining’s owners paid $2,225 a month to lease the airport location.

But Jacobs says the airport is trying to get the word out to interested operators, and she’s confident the right restaurant will be successful, considering McKinleyville’s population, relative lack of restaurant variety, the associated liquor license and the glamour of the location.

“If the right restaurant came in it would do really well,” she said. “Historically it’s had a lot of customers that are just there for the restaurant and for the entertainment.” Plus, they validate parking for dining customers.

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