Minor Inconvenience


  • Photo by Grant Scott-Goforth, Illustration by Holly Harvey
The Minor Theater will open on April 20 for the Humboldt International Film Festival — and close when the festival ends.

The Minor Theater Group, which had assumed responsibility of operating the theater when Coming Attractions abruptly closed the business in February, had promised to have the theater running in time for the festival, but co-owner Merrick McKinlay said the permitting process with the city of Arcata is taking longer than expected.

He and partner Josh Neff (who owns the Minor Theater Block) are keeping their promise to the student-run film festival — the bottom floor of the main theater will be open for the four nights of the festival and McKinlay and Neff will staff the event, serving popcorn and basic concessions.

McKinlay said they’re still committed to opening the Minor, and have been narrowing the scope of their project to a more traditional movie house. The Journal wrote about their vision for the theater and their reasons for jumpstarting the project here.

In the meantime, McKinlay is asking community members to leave a voicemail on the Minor Theater Group’s telephone line, sharing anecdotes or remembrances about the theater. He hopes to utilize those recordings in pre-show historical vignettes. If interested, you can call 707-630-5120.

If you’re itching to get back into a Minor Theater seat and see this year’s selections from the longest running student-led film festival in the country, check out the Humboldt International Film Festival running evenings from April 20 through April 23. More details about the festival here

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